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The Elements of Negativity! By Majid Al Suleimany.

The Elements of Negativity! By Majid Al Suleimany.

Between Us Only! – Outlook!

The Elements of Negativity! June 27th 2012 – The Oman Daily Observer.

From A Bouquet of Quotes.
• The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything!
• A gem is not polished without a rubbing – Nor a man perfected without trials!
• Falling down is not defeat – Defeat is when you refuse to get up!
• Even if you are on the right track – you will get run over if you just sit there!
• If everybody agrees with you – you are probably wrong!
• All actions are judged by the motive prompting them – The Islamic Sayings – The Hadith
• The search for someone to blame is always successful! – Robert Half
• Whatever side I take; I know that I will be blamed! – Louis XIV

It is of great concern, alarm and worry to me to watch the so-called ‘fast and latest development news’ – and frankly I cannot comprehend or can to try to understand what is going on in such a beautiful and marvelous thing that we have here – and instead of protecting and preserving – and letting to increasingly grow, nourish and prosper – this is what some elements are doing now!

We need to move away from this Blame Culture thing! There is the expression said many times that those in glass houses should not throw stones! These attitudes and focuses of comparing and contrasting – jealousies and envies streaks – and narrow minded subjective outlooks and focuses – need to be curtailed now – before it is too late for us all – and everyone else will suffer – because of the mistakes of a few such people and die-hards!

I will share with you these personal experiences I had lately at the workplace. God is my witness there is no willful or evil intention to get back at anyone – but hopefully we can all learn from these experiences of mine – for the good of our own society.

Images on Being Negative!

People can give me any label or colouring they want – but at least two things they cannot deny me – however adverse and being against they can be with me – and as a person individually.

The two things are my always trying my best in speaking the truth always – and however painful and hurtful – it can be to some – and with some that they simply do not want to hear it being said to them! Even if in emails – if not face to face!

The second is always being caring, feeling and being very Nationalistic – loyal and faithful – even if with some other experiencing similar – with what I am going through now – may even want to think and act differently!

My peers Human Resources Professionals were saying to me that I was very lucky to have been out of the scenes with the last year’s labour unrests! My preferences have always been to do Consultancy and Advisory works – temporary in nature – and from the home.

 Images – Glass Houses

 In that way, I do not have corporate formal bosses and reporting relationships – and if I did not like the direction of where the works were going – I could quit at anytime – and even not ask for any payments for any works already done. People have done that already to me in not paying me for the completed works – so what else is new here?

Against my better judgement – I was persuaded to go back into formality and into operational side of Human Resources – to the Consultancy works being done in addition – for the same one price. They say beggars cannot be choosers – so what else is new here?

All my life I have been fighting for Localisation and The Under Dogs. But after a lapse of over 4 years since my last operational HR job – it was a great shock and eye-opener for me! The atmosphere, culture, attitudes, focuses, outlooks – and whatever else – had changed dramatically – and in adverse nature and negativities! It really shocked me to smithereens! I could not believe what I was seeing and experiencing now – from the top guys to the Trainees! Things had completed changed!

Sorry for me to repeat it – it was for the adverse!

One may say perhaps because I was dealing with a smaller company – and perhaps ethnic and polarisation aspects were coming in! These things do not bother me – I have experienced day one when I started my working life – with being told – ‘go back home – you…!’ – in that distant land by few elements – and not feeling welcomed in some other places – but they needed all the educated people they could get at the time – and more if you could write and speak English for that matter! It is a long story – no need to go through it again!

What shocked me the most is these elements of wanting to control, dominate and subjugate in the old days methodologies – and in the old guards doctrines – from the higher levels – even to a fellow educated, qualified and experienced fellow peer Omani!

But allowing flexibility and freedom to the expatriate clans – and not your own! Like I always say – Like that General shooting at one’s own troops metaphorically speaking here!

Images Envy and Jealousy!

All the Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

But the bigger shocks were with The Younger Generations – and I have all the proofs and evidences with me – from Training Institutes Reports – to Company Reports – and from others.

Look at these examples:-

• Not attending classes for no strong reasons.
• Care-free and lax attitudes in classes – and in dealings with Instructors (many Expatriates!).
• Lack of even trying and in applications to the tasks, aspects and responsibilities
• Do not want to go out to field assignments – it was too hot!
• Lack of observing Hygiene and HSE Safety factors.
• Always comparing and contrasting to others – without knowing all the facts beforehand – the Biggest problem here!
• They choose whom to deal with – not following formal reporting relationships!
• Worse part allowing them to do so! Polarisation!
• Some feeling that they are related to the Top Guys – so cannot be touched!
• Worse allowing them to continue to feel so!
• Polarisation and ethnic differences emanating from even the Top – exceptions being expatriates – for them it is okay!
• The National and State funds and support being given and diverted for these projects – but the outlooks are all subjective, individualistic and – with a heavy heart to say it – ethnical and regional!
• Other areas in the nation did not get these same supports. Privileged few only!
• Again all oil and gas related!
• And so many others – it will take a full book to bring them all in!

But the worst part is being told – as a National – Omani Local – experienced, educated and qualified – that it was Hobson’s choice to have selected me for the job – and their preferences was still ‘for a boy from their own homes’ – but they could not find one – and we are still looking for one!

Certainly, I needed the money – but I needed respect and esteem more – so I quit immediately on my own. I was thinking of writing my next Arab Management book after this – http://www.myown-ebooks.com – but I then thought to myself – what else can I write about? I have already said all I wanted in my cries for help book! A Cry For Help! Published one year before all the troubles had started!

Frankly and honestly speaking – I am more and really worried and concerned now – even if in my last article – Trying to shake off Writer’s Block!

Before we start to find faults, accuse and blame others and to look for scapegoats – or even want to quiz others! – we need to look deep into ourselves first in our own consciences – and in self-analysis and soul-searching! If you do not know all the truths and the facts – do not start now – and more importantly – please do not try to judge anyone that quickly too!

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By: -Majid Al Suleimany

Footnote – Yesterday morning Wednesday (June 27th 2012) this young driver – with two Indian Helpers – bringing a new washing machine I had purchased – was driving this 3 ton truck as if it was a sallon car. He nearly backed into me and my villa gate.

When I had queried him why as to he was driving madly like this? – see my planned New Road Safety Book – Behind The Wheel – www.majidalsuleimany.com – and here too at www.myown-ebooks.com – he curtily replied ‘he had finished secondary school 2 years back – but the only job he got was a driver!

I told him pointblank be grateful you got a job – because many Secondary School Leavers – even Colleges for that matter – are still looking for jobs!

Here is an angry young man – local boy – ‘angry at the world – and at himself – and the truck he was driving – and can easily carry a demonstration placard too! 😦



The Changing Life’s Ways! Outlook – by Majid Al Suleimany

The Changing Life’s Ways! Outlook – By Majid Al Suleimany

For Sunday June 10, 2012

Between Us Only! – Outlook!

The Singing Quatro!

The Changing Life Ways!

On Thursday this week my family and I had celebrated my 64th birthday. A simple thing – and all at home – with my family members only! The thing that moved me the most is to see my grandchildren singing this special Arabic song for parents for me! It was followed by a Happy Birthday song in English. For a few minutes, I felt just like the VIPS that would feel in a grand parade! Coming to their generation, some did put in compliments in Facebook. Also some messages came in via Twitter – and in the professionals’ website of LinkedIn.

The point to make here is this. I had covered this topic in my second Arab Management book titled – A Cry For Help! The book was published in February 2009 – well before all the troubles and problems came to our side of the world. Some had said to me that the book was a sort of prophesy, omen and prediction of what was going to come ahead – and that more people at least in decision making and the leadership should have read the book!

It was not my mistake – but I did send the book out – and to try to make the distress call in crying for help! Would things have really have changed if more people had read my book? Personally, I do not think so! Just see the things still happening now – even after just poor Mubarak was sent to a life-term jail sentence! And even after all the other things before that. We are very good ‘and blessed’ in being just indifferent and care-the-less – and with a very short memory span too!

We still have not learnt that threats – and trying to put in trouble one – will only be short-lived – because once things like this have started – there is nothing that can stop or prevent the trend from continuing – till it goes full cycle and till completion. This is not a washing machine – which you can just switch off the machine to stop it going full cycle. Or as has been said – what goes around – does come around – even if it may take longer time to do so!

Whatever one may feel, still this Mubarak was an Arab presiding leader being sent to jail! I could not help feeling sorry for him – despite all the things that have happened – when for two hours he refused to get out from the helicopter that was sending him to jail – and crying uncontrollably and profusely that ‘you are all now sending me to jail today – and have forgotten all my contributions and so on stuff’! The crunch being how things can turn nasty and unpredictable in life’s pursuits!

Keep remembering that the incident quoted here in my book was over 4 years ago! In the Introductory Chapters, this is what I had written – Quote –

It then struck me how fast and how much things have now changed in The Work Front – especially in relationships between Omanis (Locals) and Expatriate Staff – especially Non Muslims – and how much the gap was widening between the two – though acting and pretenses continued of politeness, courtesy and welcome.

There was now growing extremism, fundamentalism and radicalisation in the workplaces that I had never seen before – especially here where I had always prided myself that we were a tolerant, moderate, give-and-take, live-and-let-live society and always kind, welcoming and accepting esteeming and respectful to our ‘invited guests’ in our country!

My simple error – if you call it that – to invite non-Muslims to the Mosque (Masjid) seemed inadvertently to expose the inevitable differences etc. – unwanted and uncalled for – and I think unneeded differences – to come out and show its ugly head!

However, two months later I summarily did quit the place after being singled out and insulted by a British Expatriate – in an Email copy to all the Staff – and the CEO fellow Expatriate siding with him – against a National – and yet in Human Resources too for that matter!unquote.

What it all confirmed to me was this getting a bashing from my now increasingly being radicalized and fundamentalised our own people – despite facial appearances – and realizing that even in our own country – even people like me who want to live and let live – and moderate in views – are singled out – and ‘guests in our own offices’! But the dirtier and murkier picture was lines being drawn between the locals – and the external Management – and the docile weak own Top Management to allow such things to happen. Nothing that happened after this surprised me anymore!

But whoever is the CEO – whether local or expatriate – believe me – nothing has changed much – if you have been reading my recent articles in this column. That really scares me to the core now – with this indifference, care-free, arrogant, haughty, conceited and proud focuses, attitudes and approaches in the Offices particularly now!

History had repeated itself this time – by some people being very cross with me! These are not our ways for such celebrations – and we thought you would lead by example – or we had higher hopes and expectations from you – but you have let us down badly’! The scarier part is this all coming now from the younger ones – and our future leaders!

What else more can I say now? Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany