December 2014
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Day December 28, 2014

Excellent Corporate Omani Gifts For New Year 2015!

17 - About My Books 19 - Passion Writing

13 - What They Said

Excellent Corporate Omani Gifts For New Year 2015!

Books in English by The Omani Authors!

A     The Arab Management Books

Front Cover Arab Management 18 -  The Call A Cry For Help - THIS Psychology Book

1     Arabic Management: Reality or The Myth! The Arab Manager!

2     The Arab Manager! The Call!

3     A Cry For Help!

4    Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

B     The Road Safety Books (3)!

10 - Behind The Wheel Final Cover PP Native Cover.4097374.indd

1    Behind The Wheel!

2     Arabic – Behind The Wheel!

3    Being The Safe Driver!

C   Omani Culture, Customs, Habits, Values, Traditions, Social Aspects, Politico and Related from The Between Us Only Books! (10 books)

A Sense of Deja vu Final Touch Down Front Cover 06 - Wipe My Tears 14 - Between Us Only New 08 - BUO TS 3 07 - BUO ST 2 Short Takes The Sequel Between Us Only!

Details more here at

Books available at Family Bookshop Medinat Qaboos. Or Direct here at indicated book site.

Can order for you at cheaper prices with minimum order of 10 books per copy!