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Day August 30, 2015

Responses Received To My Request For Support For My Books Distribution To GCC!


Responses Received To My Request For Support For My Books Distribution TO GCC!

HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said 3

“The suppression of ideas and thought is a major sin, and we will never allow anyone to stifle freedom of thought. … In our religion there is tolerance, morality and openness, and the venerable Quran stands for knowledge and thought”- His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said

My Responses!

Yes I have done that (Contacting Banks and Companies CSR!) to support my books distribution and marketing.

I have first tried my Bank which is BankMuscat.. But nothing forthcoming. I even asked to increase my credit card level which they rejected as being over 55. Tried Bank Sohar and others too. Nothing..!

One crude Bank CSR Top Guy said to me – We are not in the business of buying and selling books! So sad and tragic! Yet all the talks are on SMEs and Self Employments etc. All talks and rhetoric. I do not know if our HM knows these vile games being played and use of his good name in vain.

I approached several Top Guys and VIPs HH and HEs But nothing. Even they do not say they got my sent books compliments to them or not. My targets are Expatriates especially in UAE over 5 million and KSA also. Negotiations ongoing with at least one in UAE. Next is to try KSA. My books are all in English with exception of one Arabic Behind The Wheel! .

Translation and publishing was sponsored by PDO CSR. Alhamdu Lillah. Also another edition by Daleel of MB Group. But still to see the books distributed by them to ROP ORSA etc. Though I did on my own my copies.

But no Thanks nor letter. Mind you this is a Road Safety Book in high class profile in Arabic by PDO with PDO images inside. PDO also bought 700 Rials worth of my books for their Management Library Books. On the Press Side please note HE Minister of Information only Muscat Daily covered my Road Safety Books. Others refused to touch my books with a long pole even!

Yet in The Oman Daily Observer where I had columns already – I had to beg borrow and steal to cover the book. Actually started my downfall spiralling with clashes with some Indians who joined forces with our own Omanis Top Guys to abruptly kill my columns. I think our HM does not know what is really going on with entrusted responsibilities people or they do not tell him what is Really Going on. Because I saw an interview where he expressed love for books but was increasing denied time to read books. I sent even to HM but not sure if delivered or thrown File 13. So sad and tragic frown emoticon

The books on Road Safety were even given lukewarm reception because I am anti person perhaps speaking The Truth and refuse to continue to push the dirt under the already stinking rotting carpet! Bad Hearts Haasidyyn all around with Old Guards and Mafias! We know our Driving. Yet the RSA books failed to get across. Why? Because written by that Majid Al Suleimany Omani? Yes I think? Loyal and loves HM and Oman Yes…but… One Top British CEO also Americans are shocked by The Lukewarm reception Oman was enlightenment and top in Literacy world per history! But now slowly being strangled by its own peoples! Allah Kareem Alhamdu Lillah!

About Public Libraries in Oman

There is the PDO Technical Library in Qorum and I understand one in Manah by HM. If you check Reading Literacy Rankings worldwide Oman is in the bottom lists… which should not be the case with our historical records. If the books were by an Expatriate in Oman or and especially Pretty White Lady everyone will come to support in expectations of perhaps love favours! My columns were taken by one anyway! So it is not absurd as it may look! ALLAH KAREEM!


Thanks Majid for the information, I didn’t know the situation is that bad. I always think and question why in Oman we don’t have a public library, like most countries which respect knowledge

I know about the PDO technical library, but there should be a public library somewhere easy for the public with variety of books. I remember when I was in Abu Dhabi in 80s they had public library as part of the cultural center. It is so sad that we are at the bottom of the world wide Reading Literacy Rankings.

After the Observer incidents the Indian Mafias and Supporters are working hard! Have tried that too! (Writing in other Newspapers! Anyway I spend my time writing books and now have 36 to my credit – See

No one can defeat someone who never gives up! And writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money – Jules Renard – French Author

Response (s)

It is a pity that books by Omanis are not looked by the content and how they will benefit the society, but by other criterion!!!

It seems not. The path of knowledge is the path of truth. Hang on brother Majid, Allah is with those who show patience. Ameen

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