Full List of All My Books! PDF File To Download!

Full List of All My Thirty Eight 38 Books to Date.

Please Download the PDF File appended here –

MAS Full Books List Updated 03.2016

Books Locations At –

All My Books (CreateSpace Amazon) 33 out of 37 books visible at one place. One Stop Information Centre!

Books Facebook Page –


Books Websites – http://www.myownmajid.com

http://www.myown-ebooks.com and http://www.omaniauthors.com

Please Support Us Omani Authors too!

37A – Front Cover 36A – Front Cover BookCoverImage[1] USA Golden Seal 32 – Front FC 31A – All My Majid Books

Majid Al Suleimany MAS Books.

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Full List of All My Books! PDF File To Download!

Full PDF List of All My Books!

28A - All About My Books

37A - Front Cover

35A - Front Cover

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