My Late Father! Reckonings, Life and Legacy!

My Late Father! Reckonings, Life and Legacy!

This is an updated version (Book 47) of my earlier book (Book 41) on My Late Father with added articles and images!

He was a Great Personality of rich history between continents – and came and went – and after more than 15 children – grandchildren and great grandchildren!

47A - Front Cover 47B - Back Cover

47C - Full Cover

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Born in Oman and went to East Africa at age of 25 with his first children (boy 7 and girl 5) in that dhow (sailing boat) and return decades later after the bloody Zanzibar Revolution of 12th January 1964.

A story of Migration of peoples between continents – and intertwined with the histories, lives and legacies of countries in East Africa and in Oman!

He was a person with Great History and A Story To Tell! For good of mankind and society! A Great Person Came – and he went! Born and bred in The Oman Interior – from Omani Parents and Grandparents – and he went and returned from Tanzania (Zanzibar) – it is what you are that makes you! Not what others colour you – and that want you to be!

A simple pious person who knew great personalities in his life but chose to remain on his own – contented proud and satisfied – and to Allah God only he turned his prayers and needs!

A very handsome person who never chased girls – who never drank nor smoked! A fining shining example to his children and grandchildren – family, friends and relatives – and The Society as a whole!

I hope you will like reading about him! Here is A Story To Tell!

The Book Details –

Publication Date: Apr 15 2016
ISBN/EAN13: 1532772467 / 9781532772467
Page Count: 310
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 7″ x 10″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: History / Middle East / Arabian Peninsula

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