There Is No Money In Books Writing (Publishing)!

There Is No Money In Books Writing (Publishing)!

Or also – Why I am giving up now and with White Flag waving now surrendering!

A few days back, a Senior Corporate Official (now retired!) had visited me at home to check on my health after he had learnt I had a Prostate Operation and was admitted in ICU at Royal Hospital early this year of 2016!

I showed him My Home Library where I keep my 47 books (46 English and the one in Arabic on Road Safety Novel Book – sponsored by PDO in translation and in publishing!). He was really impressed and wondered out aloud why The Society is not aware of the achievements – and if aware – why there was No Support to such talents, skills and innovation in Literary Circles in the country!

He was shocked beyond belief that even The Road Safety Books – even supported by PDO – was getting lukewarm reception – even from The Authorities and NGOs involved in Road Safety Awareness – which with the way we are driving – especially The Youth – and Our Future too – we need these books badly! His own words repeated here!

He also wondered why The Higher Education Institutions in The Country (and GCC) were not after My Arab Management Books – as Reference Books – as there are few books written in Arab Management and In English and by The Locals themselves – as there are VERY FEW of such books!

He got the shocks more when I told him that Jashanmal – The UAE Books Sellers and Agents – had returned ALL MY BOOKS SAMPLES – saying they cannot stock or distribute these books!

I have also explained here on Family Bookshops have closed down in Oman where they stocked my books! WHSmith – we had differences with their Sales Team – one person who enjoys our hospitality of Oman welcome and reception – but I personally think he is ‘against any talents demonstrated by locals to shine!

I complained to The Omani Owners – but in the end I had to give up! Surrender with White Flag – as we had surrendered in The Zanzibar Bloody Revolution – where Omanis especially were butchered in cold blood – and we had to line up and bow down to a not even Muslim person from the island! Our Great Friends and Protectors left us in the lurch – and betrayed us!

So The Great Person said to me – The Only Reason I can see is that People in High Places especially – Do NOT LIKE what you are writing! And even if ‘they support you on The Road Safety Books – it will lead to the other books recognition – which they feel impotent not to Stop –as you publish in USA – and it worries them that you may involve The USA Embassy etc. if they do that!

It seems there are are strenuous concerted efforts to keep you down – to muffle and marginalise you – as if you do not exist – and there are no values or esteem in your books – and what you have written!

They prefer you to ‘push the dirt under the ‘stinking carpet’ – or why wash the dirty linen in public! In this strive, there are our own too – The Old Guards – and The Mafias – and started even in killing your columns even – because you say and speak The Bitter and Painful Truth!

It started also in your job career and prospects – and now is in Your Books too! So sad and tragic!
Because like you always say too – No one can defeat a person who never gives up! – Babe Ruth! And writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money! – Jules Renard! And so many others as in your websites – and main Books one at

So I asked him – Tell me! What should I do now? Should I give up – and just wave The White Flag of Surrender? He was so confused and perplexed – and gave me blank disbelief stares! He did not even touch the dates and fruits – and declined even the cup of coffee!

He just told me – Keep good place your books. Preserve and Safe keep them!

One day people will be looking for them desperately! Maybe it may not be in your life time – but trust me – it will happen! As it has happened to many others in Oman – found and revered posthumously even! Trust me – he said!

Just to Share With You Please!

Best wishes and regards,
Majid Al Suleimany

April 22, 2016


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