New – The Story of My Life!


New – The Story of My Life! The Novel!

By Majid Al Suleimany MBA

48A - Front Cover 48B - Back Cover 48C - Full Cover

The book is now available on line!

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This is my 48th book and the 7th book series on The Story of My Life! My Autobiography!

The intention is to make this book more as a Novel – rather than reproducing articles – as in The Earlier Versions!

The book is a bird’s eye view all about me from my all varied articles to date! If one wants to write my Obituary then there is no place to start than from this book – but not forgetting reading the other books as well! I apologise in advance – as I do feel I may have missed out in some articles. But writing my Bibliography, this book will go 90% in doing the work!

The articles produced here are in main part linked to me as Majid aka as Magic – Magic Man as the pseudonym I used in ‘The Forums’! Also interestingly the article – Why Do They Call You Magic? Also Who Is Majid? And My Epitaph! The articles are also about My Family and My Late Parents – Peace Be Upon Them!

There are several bits and pieces spread out in my other 28 books where they could also come here – but then the book will be very big in size and in contents!

I hope you will like reading about me!

People were always asking me – Why don’t you write a book about yourself? The story of your life? So we can know more about you – and read more about you?

I then decided to accept the challenge and write this book. Like the other books – I have tried to be as factual as possible – and with my usual style of writing of speaking to you directly from my heart – and to be as sincere, genuine, frank, forthright as possible – so that this book can not only be used in Research works – but as a Guide and Beacon for the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren – and future generations by the Grace of Allah God – Ameen Amen.


The Author – May 1, 2016

About the Author

The Author is an ex-retired now Management and Human Resources Consultant, Advisor, Expert and Professional with over 40 years experiences in companies in Oman and GCC. He has published 21 books before this one – see Lives in Muscat in Oman – married with grandchildren.

Writing has been his passion and hobby from the age of 14 years old and his first essay had won a National Competition at this age. He has been writing wherever he was – from Schools, Colleges, Universities and Company Magazines and Newsletters!

He is also a noted and famed Columnist where many of his books originate! His famous quote is always – Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money! – Jules Renard!

More about the Author here –

ISBN/EAN13:                         153323275X / 9781533232755

Page Count:                              406

Binding Type:                           US Trade Paper

Trim Size:                                 7″ x 10″

Language:                                 English

Color:                                       Black and White

Related Categories:                   Biography & Autobiography / General

List Price:                                 44.00 USA Dollars

Publication Date:                       May 13, 2016

ISBN/EAN13:                         153323275X / 978- 1533232755

Book ID                                   6271942

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