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Day May 27, 2016

About My Late Father!


About My Late Father!

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In the late 1960,s my Late Father returned to Oman by dhow (sailing boat) from Mombasa in Kenya from Mafia Island Tanzania (Tanganyika then) – and in trying to find if the country (Oman) was bearable enough to return to after the Imam uprising and the country being under dictatorial draconian rule in the dark days of our history of Oman!

He had ‘wasted’ all his life (and ours too!) by supporting The British Colonialists against the Locals and The Nationalists – to the extent that our shop was boycotted by them – and we were besieged in our house in Kilindoni Mafia!

He sold all his properties in Oman making the one who bought it as one of the ‘rich families’ in Oman later on! Instead he decided to move the family to Zanzibar Sultanate – only to return after the bloody Zanzibar Revolution in January 1964!

This is His Story! I hope you will enjoy reading about him!

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Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

The Author

May 27, 2016