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All About My 26 Books To Date!


All About My 26 Books To date!

  25 - MAS Books  Front Cover BookCoverImage[1] THUMBNAIL_IMAGE[1] 22 - The Arab Manager - Psychology My Books Library 12 - Arab Management 18 -  The Call 19 - Passion Writing 16 - Sense of Deja vu BookCoverImage[1] BookCoverImage[1] The Final  Touches BUO 14 - Between Us Only New 10 - Behind The Wheel Psychology Book Book Front What They Said

Majid Al Suleimany – All My 26 Books!

All About My Books – Cat

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A The Arab Management Books – (5) Five,

The Books Description

Book 22 The Arab Manager: Psychology, Outlook and Thinking!

Book 18 The Arab Manager! The Call!

Book 12    Arab Management: Reality or Myth? The Arab Manager! –

Book 05    A Cry For Help! – Arab Management – http://www.trafford.com

Book 04 Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – Winner of USA Excellency Literary Award


B The Road Safety Books – (3) Three!

The Books Description

Book 11     Arabic – Behind The Wheel!

Book 10     Behind The Wheel!

Book 06    Being The Safe Driver!

C The Columns Writings Books – (14) Fourteen!

C   The Columns Writings Books – (14) Fourteen!

(1) Book 24 My Short Takes!

(2) Book 23 The Sequel! Between Us Only!

(3) Book 21 The End of My Columns!

(4) Book 20 Goodbye; Between Us Only!

(5) Book 19 Writing: My Passion!

(6) Book 16     A Sense of Déjà Vu! – Between Us Only! – From The Original Book! –

(7) Book 15    The Final Touch Down! – Final Book – Between Us Only! –

(8) Book 14    Between Us Only! – The Original! (Redo!) –

(9) Book 09    Wipe My Tears! – Between Us Only! –

(10)  Book 08    The Sequel – 3! – Between Us Only! –

(11) Book 07    Short Takes – 2! – Between Us Only! –

(12) Book 03     The Sequel! – Between Us Only! –

(13) Book 02     Short Takes! – Between Us Only! – http://www.createspace.com

(14) Book 01      Between Us Only! – Book One! –

D All About My Books (Four)!

The Books Description!

D All About My Books (4) Four!

(1) Book 26 All About My Twenty Five Books –

(2) Book 25 Majid Al Suleimany Books!

(3) Book 13    What They Said About My Books! –

(4) Book 17 All About My Books! All The Books Reviews!

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All About My Books – Cat

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Arabic version of book on stories of road accident victims launched – Muscat Daily

Arabic version of book on stories of road accident victims launched – Muscat Daily

Majid Al Suleimany – The Author.

 By M Najmuz Zafar

Having originally written in English in 2013, Suleimany said he translated the book into Arabic to reach out to maximum number of people across the country.

“Road safety is an issue that needs to be taken to schools. Children should be educated on the horrible consequences of road accidents that have devastated thousands of families in the country,” Suleimany said, adding that he is planning to ask schools to keep the book in their libraries. “We should start with young people and educate them about this sensitive and fatal issue. I am trying to get in touch with the Ministry of Education as well. I have also given free copies to the Oman Road Safety Association and ROP Sohar to spread the message.”

Book-LaunchThe Book Front Cover!

A retired human resources consultant, Suleimany, who has authored many books, said that it was not easy writing this one, but a few personal experiences forced him to take a deeper look at the road safety issue.

Narrating an incident that shook him deeply, Suleimany said, “There was this young girl I knew who used to take great interest in my work and would often call to enquire about my writing. When I did not hear from her for a long time, I called the company where she worked. I was shocked to hear that she along with her family had got killed in a road accident,” adding, “Though I had read about the accident in a newspaper, but never realised it could be about someone I knew.

“Every day we read about accidents in the media, but how often we get to know what happens next? We hardly get to know about the families affected and how survivors struggle to get their lives back on track.”

He added that Oman is a country with one of the highest number of road accidents and casualties. “It is unbelievable how people put their and other’s lives at risk.”

Speaking about the translation of the book into Arabic, Suleimany said he received a lot of help from PDO.

Printed in the US, the book has a collection of more than 60 real life stories. While the Arabic version is available at Family Book Shop for RO5, the one in English is available for RO9.

Final Covercover-back
















Arabic Book –

English books below! –

PP Native Cover.4097374.indd10 - Behind The Wheel


My New Book (25) – All About My Books!


New – Majid Al Suleimany Books! All About My Books!

About The New Book (25)!

25 - MAS Books  25 - MAS Books  Front Cover

Book Website – – Please go in to like!

This is my 25th book is and is a Bird’s Eye View and a Summary of All My 24 Books to date – including The Recent Newer Ones and also The Older Ones too! A One-Place Reference Point on All My 25 Books! Please see also my books website (main)

5 books are on Arab Management – 3 are on Road Safety Awareness – and the rest assorted topics – but mainly from his Columns – Between Us Only! The column had run for over 14 years.

Topics covered vary from different aspects in Social, Economic, Family, Political and Current Affairs; Society, Human Resources, Management, Offices, Training & Development, Education, Society issues; Critical Sensitive Topics (that many would fear to touch even by a long pole!) ; Omanisation (Localisation) etc. Various subjects that would interest from the student to The Professor; from The Young Generations to The Older. And from The Man in The Street to The Leadership – there is something for someone somewhere in the book!

Images have also been added in the new books – which was a point raised by Readers before! Some of the topics have been made out as stories, but the messages coming out are openly vividly and crystal clear to all, in many cases tit comes out outright and facing the Reader without any doubt or innuendos.

About The Author. 

The Writer was a weekly Column Writer in The Oman Daily Observer Features under ‘Between Us Only’. He had started writing in the column now for the past five years, and his column appears every Saturday of the week. He has worked for over 25 years as a Human Resources Professional and Expert in mainly Oil Companies in Oman and GCC.

In addition, he has also worked for over 12 years as a Management and Human Resources Consultant, Expert and Advisor. He has also been widely exposed to young Omani Graduates Intake Programme, their mentoring, coaching, guiding and counselling and for National Staff in general.