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My Late Father! The New Book!

41A - Front CoverLate Father

My Late Father! The New Book!

This is my 41st book – I have written a lot about my Late Father (PBUH) in all my columns writings and books – and, therefore, it was quite easy to write this book!

The East Africans – especially in Mafia Island in Tanzania well knew him as The Angry Arab!

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A Great Personality of rich history between continents – and came and went – and after more than 15 children – grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Born in Oman and went to East Africa at age of 25 with his first children (boy 7 and girl 5) in that dhow (sailing boat) and return decades later after the bloody Zanzibar Revolution of 12th January 1964.

A simple pious person who knew great personalities in his life but chose to remain on his own – contented proud and satisfied – and to Allah God only he turned his prayers and needs!

A very handsome person who never chased girls – who never drank nor smoked! A fining shining example to his children and grandchildren – family, friends and relatives – and The Society as a whole!

I hope you will like reading about him! Here is A Story To Tell!

May he and our Mother rest in eternal peace in this world and the next – and open the highest gates for Heaven for them – Amin Amen I have reproduced a few articles where my late parents are mentioned. Otherwise it will be a very big book!

A Great Personality who was not afraid in speaking The Truth! He should be read even more than the other books written about ‘My Father’ emphasis! He may not have been a Great Public Official – or Wastah Influence like them – or well-known like them too!

He was a person with Great History and A Story To Tell! For good of mankind and society! A Great Person Came – and he went! Born and bred in The Oman Interior – from Omani Parents and Grandparents – and he went and returned from Tanzania (Zanzibar) – it is what you are that makes you! Not what others colour you – and that want you to be!

Recommended Reading Books – in addition to this one – is at the End of The Book!

Majid Al Suleimany – The Author

The Author is an ex-retired now Management and Human Resources Consultant, Advisor, Expert and Professional with over 40 years experiences in companies in Oman and GCC. He has published 39 books before this one – see

Lives in Muscat in Oman – married with grandchildren.

Writing has been his passion and hobby from the age of 14 years old and his first essay had won a National Competition at this age. He has been writing wherever he was – from Schools, Colleges, Universities and Company Magazines and Newsletters! He is also a noted and famed Columnist where many of his books originate!

His famous quote is always – Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money! – Jules Renard!
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