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What They Said About My Books!

What They Said About My Books!

Majid Al Suleimany (MAS) Books! All About My Books!

  • Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you make no money!
  • It is hard to beat a person who never gives up! – Babe Ruth

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Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany


How To Order My Books Directly – Amazon!


How To Order My Books Directly! Amazon

Or you can place orders at Family Bookshops in Oman!

Today was a very bad day for me in My Life! I can now understand why some people take things The Easy Way out by Ending Their Lives in This Miserable Unfeeling Uncaring World – where Doing Bad and Ugly things to people you are considered as a Hero! Even from The Young Ones with No Respect to Parents and Elders!

And so-called High Profile Places always in the News too treating ex Employees very ugly and bad. It is just a case of Old Wines in New Bottles – or Old Soda in New Cans!

It took me a long time to do this – AS MY REMEMBRANCES and MY EPITAPH and what I leave behind the world with My Books!

Trust Me – OOne day people will be looking desperately for these books – as they always do – as they are now after Marhem Allah Rahmah Sheikh Khalfan has gone!

No harm in Downloading and keeping it – you Never Know!


An Updated List of All My Books!

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The Thirty Two Books Full List – May 30 2015

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20150520_10595730A - My Majid Autobiography

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The Thirty Two Books Full List – May 30 2015

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How To Order My Books Directly – Amazon!

20150520_10595728A New31A - All My Majid Books


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The Thirty Two Books Full List – May 30 2015

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32 - FC32 - Front FC

The Arab Manager! The Call! The New Arab Management Book!


The Arab Manager! The Call!

Front The Call A Cry For Help - THIS Prior Book Re-do!

The book critically reviews, analyses and discusses the:-  

  • Addressing the increased extremism, fundamentalism, and still the ever increasing now lack of tolerance and forbearance in the Arab workforce, Author Majid Al Suleimany presents The Arab Manager! The Call! Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series.
  •  In three parts, the book concentrates on the management styles and aspects of the companies located in the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council that encompasses Oman, UAE – United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
  •  In deep self-analysis and in consciousness, it critically looks into and assesses any changes in particular – if any – in Arab Management – post The Arab Spring Uprisings that shook the countries in the region post January 2011 – after the First Arab Spring Uprisings in Tunisia with the self-immolation of Mohamed Buazizi in Tunisia.
  •  A frank, honest, open and call-a-spade-a-spade no punch-spared, no barrels held stuff and no frills play book exposing the ever increasing lack of ethics, principles, professionalism and tolerance in the workplaces.
  • With now ever more increased radicalisation, extremism and fundamentalising of the Offices environment and in similar to the overall similar fast changing facts of the ground in the region.
  • A Tell All As It Is! In outlooks, approaches and focuses still prevalent and dominant.
  • It looks into the future in Prophecy and Prediction of what is expected and what is to come – immediately now, in the short term and in the future.
  • Changes in the Arab Management aspects (if any!) – post the Arab Spring Uprisings from January 2011 onwards.
  • The far more and ever increased and widening divide between The Old Guards and The New Younger Graduates Intakes and Generation
  • Lessons that have still not been learnt despite all the changes in the MENA Region in Arab Spring Uprisings.
  • Still the ever ‘Ostrich Head in the ground’ – ‘Hard of Hearing’ and Push the dirt under the carpet’ Management approaches – especially from the local environments, focuses and outlooks!
  • The ever faster growing radicalization of the local staff – especially The Youth and in particular.
  • Still some misbehaving expatriates – and the old guards locals!
  • Unhappy, dissatisfied local staff
  • Still more poor treatment of staff, especially by some Expatriate Management
  • Still the ever more increasing extremism and fundamentalism in the offices

Still More: –

  • Rapid changes in The Arab Office Environment showing radicalization, extremism and fundamentalism of The Society!
  • Predicted and was an Omen of The Arab Spring uprisings!
  • An earnest prayer and call to The Leadership to have read this book! Anyway, I am not the person that likes to say – again and again – I told you so!
  • My Third Arab Management Book.
  • Suffice also to say that despite 6 years later things at the work front – its surroundings and atmosphere has just gone more bad and stale – on the verge of the precipice, decadence, malaise and associated – just like that cinder fire burning intensely underground before it erupts.


The New Arab Management Books!


The New Arab Management Books!

Front Cover Arab Management

1     Arab Management: Reality or Myth? The Arab Manager

Front The Call

2     The Arab Manager! The Call!

22 - The Arab Manager - Psychology

3     The Arab Manager: Psychology, Outlook and Thinking!

Books available at Family Bookshop Medinat Qaboos – Only Few Copies have been ordered. Or you can order direct at Books’ Websites!

Please remember books by Omani Author written in English – Omani HR Management Consultant, Expert, Advisor and Professional with over 35 years of experiences and exposures!

Nice Reading!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

February 19th 2015.