My New Book – Behind The Wheel! – Road Safety – Novel Type – Completed!

Behind The Wheel! New Road Safety Book – Novel Type – Near Completion!

With only some images and Appendices to add separately, the book is now almost complete – ALR! God Is Great!


Sample Stories out of 52 stories….

F.30 The 7 Cars Accident Pile Up

If it was someone else who was telling me the story – I might have perhaps not have believed it! But then you see this had happened to me! My car was the 6th car in the pile up. The 7th car was the one smashing into my MPV! Multi-Purpose Vehicle!

I heard the screech of brakes as the car behind me tried to stop. It was raining – and the road was wet and slippery. As I started hearing the brake screech – instinctively, intuitionally and impulsively I had slammed the brakes on of the stalled car.

It was a miracle that I had missed the last 5 cars. It all had started with one of the 7 cars involved with this pick up swerving from the outer lane to the inner lane. It seemed that he was still sleepy – it was morning in the Holy Month of Fasting of Ramadhan.

The car he hit on the left hit other 4 cars – resulting in a pile up! My MPV was the 6th car – and I tried my level best to avoid hitting the other cars in front of me – though I was at 100 kph – but do not forget that the road was wet and slippery – as it usually happens when it starts to rain in Oman!

The car that hit me was a Japanese saloon car – my MPV was American. They build these cars with steel – hard steel with rods on! Yet though I knew my car was going to be hit at any minute with this fast coming car that I could see in the rear view mirror – I was thrown into the steering – but the airbag did not go off. Probably because I was hit from the back? Lucky for me I had the seat belts on!

Imagine the Japanese car was written off after this! A person from PDO who witnessed the accident from the other side of the road – and who recognised my green MPV – told everyone in PDO – I think Majid is dead! The way the behind car crushed into him – it will be a miracle if he was alive! News spread around fast – Majid has died in the accident! One said – don’t tell the wife till we are pretty sure!

Can you imagine that the driver that hit me came out alive – though injured? I looked at the destroyed car – and really wondered how he came out alive from that car? My behind MPV was a total wreck with the impact received! He later told me – he was changing a cassette in this fast lane – and saw the accident too late! A cassette change that can kill too?

Yet the MPV was a new model introduced in the market. I wondered aloud what would have happened had I not a stronger vehicle? And though by nature I vow not to drive when it starts to rain – I made exceptions because I was hand carrying some important Company documents that I wanted Oman Air to deliver to Marmul interior desert operation location that day!

The Officer at the airport had already heard that I had died at the accident. That is the way I try to be job responsible – to even deliver the documents myself for fast delivery at risks of rain – and accidents. I could have sent by normal mail – but that is M for you!

Nobody complimented me – nor say anything nice to me for this proactive action. Though I had suffered a road accident – and neck pain for quite awhile – but it was all in silence – and in vain!

My car was let go first after the Police ROP reports. The other three cars were in need of being towed out from the roads. There was a traffic jam that lasted not less than 6 hours.

This accident spot at this Sarooj Petrol Station is always a black car accident spot. Many accidents always happen there. It is a jinxed spot – or if you believe in these things – Genie spot!



F.31 Because You Always Do Good!

I was moving towards this Petrol Station when this Western couple got out of their car – with both hugging me. What gives? Or what’s up doc? They shouted in unison – you are alive? I said Yes – God Is Great!

Then they said to me – we heard one person – with similar surname – had died in a road accident. He was driving a truck – and wearing slippers at the time! They had confused him with me. There was a tear in the woman’s eyes.

They then reminded me of a good deed I did for that family. I had actually forgotten! Then they said – Because you always do good things to people – that is why! We are so happy to see that you are alive!

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

The Author

July 8th 2012

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