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Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the Book!

 Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the book!

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خلف عجلة القيادة

ماجد السليماني

 Behind The Wheel!

 Majid Al Suleimany

Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the book! 

  • How The Idea Originated!
  • Rest In Peace – RAW!
  • It Is In The Book – It Is All About  Driving!
  • Please Pay Attention!
  • All In Red Blood!
  • See Me Fly!
  • Watch That Stop Sign!
  • A Taste of Patience! The Mohamed Al Araimi Story!
  • The Sad Lonely Boy!
  • Don’t Die Young!
  • It Is Terrible!
  • Very Sad To Share!
  • When The Younger Ones Go First
  • Children All Alone Now!
  • Are Your Children Safe?
  • The Angry Driver!
  • Don’t Drive Tired!
  • Suicidal Tendencies!
  • The Old Man Alone Now!
  • The Gone For Ever Smile!
  • Mummy, Daddy – Please Wake Up!
  • No Man In The House Now!
  • I Am Just A Killer!
  • I Can Hear You; Doctor!
  • NDE – Near Death Experiences!
  • Out From The Behind Seat!
  • Parents All Alone!
  • The New Driver!
  • The Teasing Teenagers!
  • The Flying School Bus!
  • Still In Shock!
  • The HR Manager – Staff Warning!
  • Come And See My New Car!
  • The Dead Father In His Dreams!
  • ‘Wrong Car’ Had Saved His Life!
  • It Is a New Car Model!
  • Road Argue Time!
  • The Van versus The Bus!
  • It Was The Wrong Turn!
  • The Scolding Father!
  • The Fly – It Caused The Accident!
  • Newly Wedded Funerals
  • When The Young Ones Go First!
  • Night Time Travels
  • The Young Reckless Driver
  • The Friends’ Son!
  • Wrong Job Relief!
  • The Elder Son Is Gone!

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  • مذاق الصبر، قصة محمد العريمي
  • ملاحظة الناشر:
  • مقدمة كتاب “مذاق الصبر”، رواية محمد عيد العريمي
  • بقلم: الزاكي عبد الحميد
  • كاتب وناقد من السودان
  • قصة محزنة جدًّا
  • انظر حول مركبتك قبل قيادتك
  • لا تُمت صغيرًا، لنتدرّب معًا على القيادة الآمِنة
  • هذا الحادث وقع في عمان
  • هل أطفالك في أمان؟
  • تفاصيل الحادث
  • الابتسامة التي رحلت للأبد.
  • أمي أبي، أرجوكما استيقظا
  • أنا قاتل!
  • أستطيع سماعك يا دكتور
  • تجربة الاقتراب من الموت
  • من المقعد الخلفي
  • السائقة الشابّة التي حصلت على رخصة القيادة حديثًا
  • المراهقون المشاكسون
  • التحذير الذي تلقّاه الموظف من مدير الموارد البشرية
  • رجاءً تعال وشاهد سيارتي الجديدة
  • عندما رأى أباه المتوفى في منامه
  • السيارة الخطأ أنقذت حياته
  • إنها سيارة جديدة
  • شاحنة صغيرة مقابل حافلة
  • كان انعطافًا خاطئًا
  • إنها الذبابة! الذبابة هي التي سبّبت الحادث!
  • جنازات الأعراس
  • عندما يرحل الصغار أوّلًا
  • السفر ليلاً
  • السائق الشاب المتهوّر
  • أبناء الأصدقاء
  • الاعتقاد الخاطئ بالراحة التي يسبّبها التهرّب من العمل
  • لا غناء تحت المطر بعد اليوم!
  • إنها السيارة القادمة من الجحيم!
  • مركبة تعليم القيادة أم الانعطاف الخاطئ؟
  • قُتِلا عندما كانا يبتاعان كتبًا دينية
  • لا ينبغي أن يحدث هذا لسيدة طيبة مثلها
  • شجار بين زوجين ينتهي بالموت
  • تُركت الجدة وحيدة!
  • لا يا أمي لا
  • حادث السيارات السبع
  • لأنك دائما تفعل خيرًا
  • راكب الدراجة الهوائية
  • رحلة الحج التي انتهت بالموت
  • مَن أولى بالعناية في الحادث؟
  • الكلب هو السبب!
  • قتلتها عيدية العيد!
  •  هل كان طريقًا مختصرًا؟



Short Stories



Accolades – Being The Safe Driver!

PP Native Cover.4097374.indd

A          From BankMuscat Management Team

Dear Majid;

Being The Safe Driver!

We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and initiative in bringing out this publication which is the need of the hour; with the number of accidents in the Sultanate rising at an alarming rate.

As we understand,  the major cause of accidents is significantly relating to reckless driving and the book provides true real accounts that shed light on the value of safety and defensive driving.

We commend your efforts to educate residents of Oman to take this important issue sincerely.

Wishing you all the very best for your future publications.

With best regards

Management – BankMuscat

March 25, 2013

B           Kirkus Reviews – March 26th 2013



Behind The Wheel! The New Road Safety Novel!

Al Suleimany, Majid

CreateSpace (448 pp.)

$32.00 paperback

ISBN: 978-1481843034; February 2, 2013


 A heartfelt, enthusiastic series of instructions and warnings about road safety.

Al Suleimany, a columnist for the Oman Daily Observer, observes that the Sultanate of Oman has one of the highest motorist casualty rates in the world, and he sets out in this book (not actually a novel, but rather a collection of dramatic real-life incidents) to raise Omani awareness of the causes—and results—of carelessness on the country’s roadways.

 The book shows endorsements by HM Sultan Qaboos bin Said (who, like many Omanis, has himself been involved in accidents prevention campaigns), including the Omani Grand Mufti and the Royal Omani Police.

 Al Suleimany stresses that the dangers involved are communal: “There can be no Omani in the Sultanate who has not been touched closely by a road death and yet we see dangerous driving every time we travel the roads.” As a newspaperman, Al Suleimany highlights printed accident reports: “Every day we see also in the newspapers about road casualty figures in the newspapers—but as usual in the coming story we never imagine or visualize that it could be someone we know well or related to.”

 The work shows examples of motorists making bad or careless choices (it’s also full of accident photos and emotional reminders of the loved ones left behind when a driver dies or kills someone). The author points out several underlying causes of all this tragedy: Oman as a culture is new to driving; it has been “thrust into the 21st century in a matter of a few decades”; and Oman has newly prosperous youth who prize fast cars over safety. The author attempts to prevent new-driver heedlessness by underscoring the personal tragedies that can result from reckless driving. Al Suleimany issues stern warnings about the

high cost of irresponsibility, and although a good deal of the book is Oman-specific, many of those warnings have global applications.

 A detailed, compassionate call for greater motorist responsibility in Oman.

 Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX 78744


Book available in Oman at Family Bookshops MQ – and WHSmith The Wave. Price OMR 12/= – same price as USA!

Or order on line www.createspace.com/4097374 and Other Retailers