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Arabic Book – Behind The Wheel! Available On Line!


Arabic Book – Behind The Wheel! Available On Line!



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Arabic Book – Behind The Wheel! Available On Line!

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Behind The Wheel! Now Also Published in Amazon!

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Behind The Wheel! Now Also Published Amazon


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Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Oman – February 12th 2014

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Book with stories of accident victims pitches for Road Safety!

Book with stories of accident victims pitches for Road Safety!

Majid al Suleimany

Muscat Dailt – March 18, 2013
Muscat –

It is arguably the first time in the country that several heart-wrenching real life stories of road accident victims have been put together in a book to tackle road safety issues and educate people on the consequences of reckless driving.

A retired human resources consultant, Majid al Suleimany has collected more than 60 real life stories of road accident victims and their families for the 450-page book Being the Safe Driver.
Published in the US, the book looks at the rising number of road accidents and also provides technical advice from experts. “With PDO’s help I was able get and narrate several accidents with a detailed view on what caused the accidents. The book has views from a number of HSE (health, safety and environment) experts on how to be a safe driver. And I have also quoted verses from the Q’uran to show that putting other people’s lives in danger for no apparent reason is not acceptable in Islam,” said Suleimany.

He said this makes Being the Safe Driver a good handbook. “We don’t look at the accidents from an emotional level. We only see statistics in newspapers and news clipping about one more accidents. The day we start associating with it emotionally and putting faces to victims, we will be more responsible on roads.” To take a closer look and see the consequences in person, the author visited hospitals and was distraught to see people maimed for life. “It was so emotional to see children and adults with broken limbs and burnt bodies. There were so many young boys with debilitating injuries – who otherwise should have been looking at their future – languishing in hospital wards.”

He said there should be a programme to show the public what consequences the victims and their families are facing. “It could be either through documentaries or planned hospital tours.”

Suleimany is already in talks with a couple of people who could translate the book into Arabic. “The plan is to go to schools and give them a presentation on road safety and leave some books in their library.”

This is Suleimany’s sixth book, and he is expecting to launch another two very soon.

“I plan to do an official launch of Being the Safe Driver and my other two upcoming books sometime in April. This would be the first time that an Omani author is releasing three books at a time,” he said

Some Observations! – Behind The Wheel! – The New Road Safety Book!

Some Observations! – Behind The Wheel! –

The New Road Safety Book!

There is something that has continuously puzzled and baffled me is this attitude of writing to people with your request or suggestion – and people completely ignore you – as if you do not exist! One is not sure if it is linked or related to our famous Arabic expression that ‘the best answer to a rude and arrogant person is complete silence’!

Or is it more linked and associated with just plain ‘contemptuous, arrogant, proud and conceited’ approaches and attitudes that some have? – ‘Hey you – listen you! You have no right to address me with anything – because you are of lower status to me – and do not have any rights of any kind if you compare yourself to me’ In actual fact you simply have no rights to address me with anything. First I am more important to you – second it is only the situation that has made you to have any guts and courage to send me anything – the audacity of it all!

Would these pictures not move you?

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only.

When I wanted to publish my first book I went around asking for sponsorship to all the VIPs I knew – and those with money and wealth – the National Companies and Banks – but they all turned me down! Even Regional Associations that have supported foreigners – but not their so-called brethren! It was very hurtful and painful! I was about bto give up – until this one National Company came to rescue – and all because the Chairman liked ‘the way you are fighting for the underdog!’ – his own words – to be exact!

I did not bother that much with the other 4 books – including the Arab Management books – though admittedly there was a vain attempt in the beginning – since I never ‘learn my lesson’ in life – as it is! The most sad and tragic thing was that even those VIPs that I had sent complimentary books did not have even the ethics and principles of saying thank you – completely against everything in our Religion – and our customs, traditions, culture and heritage! It took only some of the Expatriates to respond positively – though even some did not.

Perhaps some thought that I would be so upset – and be so angry that I will go and burn up all the books – and stop writing immediately. They got something else coming – if they had thought like this!

When I started the idea of writing this book, I thought things wouldl have now changed. But not really! Like I had said many times – in some places and people – they will never change – even if the ground below them crumbles below their feet. I will spare you making the usual references to add to this – because it is of no use – and is just wasted time, efforts and energies from my part!

Anyway – even if this book should have attracted more support this time – the book is proceeding well. See what people are already saying. At least this time three National Companies are assisting in providing material, stories, incidents, back-ups – and others. Including from some willing to share their stories – their books and websites – for me to quote and make reference to! Because they were all drawn to the noble, worthy and National cause. Muscat Daily also supported me by writing about the book – as appeared in Page 2 of April 28th 2012 – see also posted in www.majidall.com

I cannot thank them all well enough! Included in my book’s Indebtedness and Acknowledgements.

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany.

P.S. I had used my own column to write about the book in The Features – The Oman Daily Observer – also posted at www.majidall.com