Learning The Lessons of Life The Hard Way!

Learning The Lessons of Life The Hard Way!

By Majid Al Suleimany – September 19th 2012

This incident had happened to me when I was a small kid – and I have not forgotten it to this day – even though my father had already passed away more than a decade ago – May Allah rest him in peace – Amin.

I was playing with this cute puppy. Frankly, I am more of a cat person – but this puppy seemed to like me a lot! It was then time for afternoon prayers – and I joined the congregation in prayers after the usual abolution. One of the so-called uncles whispered something to my late father – and I got a beating of my life that still haunts me to this day as an over 60 person! From that time I steered away from dogs – because with due respects to ‘dogs-lovers’ – I did not know that they were considered as ‘unclean’ animals society looking – even in the place in that distant land! I learnt the hard way – because this puppy had followed me to the mosque – for a dog it was just a building!

My late Father was also not always pleased with me – because I had a tendency of ‘not wanting to get involved’ – when ‘brother fought brother’ – or even ‘sister against sister’ – as they sometimes did! We were 14 of us – 6 brothers – and 8 sisters as the children – blessings of Allah – God. My late Father used to say to me – you are the elder – so ‘you must be involved’ in these things – to separate them – and bring peace and harmony in the house!

That is the kind of person that I am – of not wanting to get really involved in such issues. It also comes in ‘giving up’ – because you say the same things day-in and day-out – and no one is respecting and hearing you. Like I always say talking to brick walls. Not only talking – but also banging your head – and it ends swollen and red – and the brick walls just sneer and slight you instead – unmoved and uncaring – as always. Instead you end not only as ‘The Loser’ – but you also suffer and get tormented in so many other ways instead!

I also believe this – and have said it so many times before! There is nothing untoward and ‘just not in’ than raising hopes and expectations of people – than dashing and disappointing them the worse than before – by not keeping the promises per se – or not doing anything real and material in this regard. That is why the world is in a greater mess and chaos than ever before – even more after the ‘promises’ were made – and all hopes and dreams dashed. It would have been better ‘not to get involved’ – and let things run their natural cause! There is also this thing. Do not take people for granted – and that they will act and or perform as to what you want them to be – or do either!

If you have also read the 90/10 principle of how you react to a situation can determine how more worse it can be then it was before. It is a famous principle – and I have said about it so many times in this column too!

In my article 8 years ago titled The Power of The Media – www.myown-ebooks.com – I joked about this ‘Red Indian’ boy cartoon where he is seen shouting on encouraging strangely The Cowboys – but not his own! This was in front .of his family in a cinema – kill the (unprintable) – as the ‘good nice cowboys’ chase the ‘stinky Red Indians’! The Red Indians were there as the original owners of the land – and defending their homelands – but came out worse out! Simply and smugly put – not all that glitters is gold! It takes two to tango – one cannot tango by himself – or herself alone!

There is also this thing. Conversely, if there is a great thing in front of you – or possessed by you – what bad name calling will not change facts on the grounds. My son was saying to me that his friend was telling him that he feels lucky that he is not my son – because he ‘does not have the pressures’ to perform in life like your father’s achievements – and that was a great eye-opener for my son of what he was really dealing in life. Until that time – he did not think much of the subject – and had not even read any of the books – though lying idly spread out in the house!

People should act their roles and responsibilities in life – without being told – or reminded – or reprimanded – or find out too late – like others before them – that the options to act and behave are now limited – or even not there at all.

In summary – I do not like to get involved in such issues like politics – and or deep religion – but there has been so much pressure for me to write – to use your pragmatism and wisdom. Unfortunately – those who tell me these things I cannot tell them what I really feel and think – because at this stage in my life – I have had already enough – and I sincerely wish sometimes that I had been more stronger and assertive in life – to do what I really wanted to do in the first place – rather than trying to ‘please or to be seen doing the so-called right things. But our Religion forbids us to think like this – because everything happens for a reason – and there are no accidents in life!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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